Setting Up Your First Studio – Getting Your Lights Right

05 Mar 2015 - Fil Hunter

There are, of course, many ways of getting started with such a venture. Depending on one’s interests and the girth of one’s wallet, photography studios can range from small and bare-boned to huge and state-of-the-art. For both instructional clarity and financial reality we have written this chapter to reflect the lower end of that scale….


What is a Portrait?

03 Mar 2015 - Robert Golden

If I am to spend my time looking at a portrait, I will want several things from it: an increase in my knowledge through learning something meaningful to my life about the subject or about existence; an increase in the sense of my own humanity through being transformed by the humanity inherent in the depiction;…

Moe by Sheldon Serkin_430

Review of the 2014 Mobile Photography Awards (MPAs)

26 Feb 2015 - Richard Gray

The Mobile Photography Awards (MPAs) finally announced their top prize on February 13th. This year, the leading competition in mobile photography kept its community waiting as the winning announcements were stretched over 2 weeks. So, were they worth waiting for? The MPA grand prize went to Seldon Serkin. Previous years’ winners of the top award…


Using Symbols in Your Photos – A Powerful Communication Tool

24 Feb 2015 - Robert Hirsch

We communicate through the use of symbols all the time. A symbol is anything that stands for something else. Usually a symbol is a simplified image that, because of certain associations in a viewer’s mind, represents a more complex idea or system. Lines that form letters, words, or musical notes are symbols. A photograph is…


Camera Raw as a Photoshop Filter:
The video and by the book

19 Feb 2015 - Martin Evening

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Camera Raw adjustments can now be applied as a filter, within Photoshop. This means it is now possible to access the power of Camera Raw while working on an image open in Photoshop. This movie shows how using Camera Raw as a filter helped create the cover image used for the book.  Click below…


Where to Put the Main Light When Making Portraits – The Key Triangle

17 Feb 2015 - Fil Hunter

Placing the main light is, of course, our first decision. Look at the abstract ball below. It is the simplest thing we could draw to convincingly represent a ball; without the highlight and shadow, it could just as well be a ring, a hole, or a flat disk. Notice also that the placement of the…


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