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Instagram: Then and Now

27 Aug 2015 - Richard Gray

Instagram 7.3 was recently launched and the photo-sharing platform is now approaching its fifth birthday. How has it changed in that time? Of course, it now has a lot more features and is a more sophisticated app. But what was Instagram like back then and what’s its purpose now? When I joined in March 2011,…


Minimizing Noise at the Source

25 Aug 2015 - Lance Keimig

Noise is unwanted information. It is a by-product of electrical processes that receive or transmit signals. Noise can have several sources and is present in all images to some degree. It can be independent of the image and therefore relatively easy to separate and remove, or it can be integral to the image, which makes…


What Makes a Good Astrophotograph?

20 Aug 2015 - Chris Woodhouse

The glamorous part of astrophotography is the bit we see and touch. An enormous amount of energy and attention is paid (and not a little money) on cameras, telescopes, mounts and their location. It is always enjoyable to compare equipment, problem-solve system issues and capture images. Just like a photographic negative, these fuzzy frames are…


Pro Photo Tips for Students: What makes a successful photograph?

18 Aug 2015 - Grant Scott

Click here for more Pro Tips for Students videos by Grant Scott I LIKE IT, WHY DON’T YOU? One of the most difficult aspects of changing photography is that any comment that is made is subjective: it is somebody’s opinion that you may or may not agree with. This instantly provides a problem for you as…


Achieving Your Potential As A Photographer – Owning Your Creativity

13 Aug 2015 - Harold Davis

We’ve all had the experience of photographing a subject that many other photographers have tackled. “Well, duh,” you say, many of us photograph flowers or landscapes or kids or beautiful women. In my workshops, sometimes a group of technically competent photographers will stand in more-or-less the same place, each with roughly comparable gear, and—however much…


Taking Photos of Rock Stars and Other Animals

11 Aug 2015 - Richard Gray

In a recent masteringphoto piece, I compared taking photos at a rock concert to mountaineering. Today I’m drawing a different comparison: I recently took some photos at London Zoo, and as I wandered amongst the animals, I started finding similarities to my more usual photography habitat of London’s concert halls. There may have been a…


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