Creative Color – So many Choices!
An Old-School Technique for Exploring Your Options

27 Jan 2015 - Andy Batt, Candace Dobro, Jodie Steen

We use neutral balance cards to get rid of colorcasts. For jobs that require accurate color as the end goal, e.g., art reproduction, then we’re all set—but if our goal is creative color, then we’re in the realm of aesthetic choice. How do we know what’s good or bad? When it comes to creative color,…


FREE e-Book – Self-Promotion for Professional Photographers

22 Jan 2015 - Sloane Stinson

Self-Promotion for Professional Photographers is a quick and dirty guide to sharing and promoting your work online. You will learn about how to create an attractive website that will appeal to potential clients, generate engaging content for your blog, and use social media to connect with your followers and the larger photographic community. CLICK HERE…

The art of the edit 1

The Art of the Edit

20 Jan 2015 - Grant Scott

Over the years in which I have been involved with professional photography I have edited literally thousands of images—and that is how you learn how to edit. You have to look at photographs, lots of photographs, created by other photographers; you cannot learn to edit by looking purely at your own work. It is often…


Creating a Series of Images

15 Jan 2015 - Brooke Shaden

At the start of my career, I assumed that all images were created individually, and so I trained myself to think up completely new ideas daily. While my portfolio was still cohesive because of a similar style running through it, the pictures didn’t belong together. I only started to understand the importance of a series…


January – February Photo Contest
Theme: Magical Light

13 Jan 2015 - Sloane Stinson

To enter Focal Press’s January – February Photo Contest, please click here. Theme:  Magical Light Inspired by the book: Light Science and Magic Guest Judge – Steven Biver and Paul Fuqua Prizes: Grand Jury Winner: -          A copy of the book Light Science & Magic -          $200 worth of Focal Press books of your choice! Two…


Placing a Subject in an Image

08 Jan 2015 - Michael Freeman

Yes, there is a difference between placing things and framing them, even though they are inseparably linked. Placement assumes two things, both quite common. One is that there is a subject that is concrete—a single, identifiable unit, rather than a concept, pattern, or some overall generality. A person, perhaps a structure, or a tight group…


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