About Lighting Ratios

26 Mar 2015 - Steven Biver

Lighting ratios—they’re often misunderstood, and that’s unfortunate because, as you are about to see, there’s nothing that’s really complex about them. If you want to understand what lighting ratios are, all you have to do is to think of one word—“contrast.” That’s what they are about. Put simply, lighting ratios are nothing more than a…

ian embraces Will Corke -FEAT

Why Photograph Real Life?

24 Mar 2015 - Robert Golden

I am thinking now about the lack of those essential elements of life which make possible a real society of human beings. The great fundamental lack, which is apparent everywhere in our civilised world, is the total absence of anything approaching a communal existence. We have become spiritual nomads; whatever pertains to the soul is…


Top Ten Myths of Copyright, Plus 1

19 Mar 2015 - Edward C. Greenberg & Jack Reznicki

Top Ten Myths of Copyright, Plus 1 It’s OK to use someone else’s image if . . . 1. I change x% of the work. Nope. See derivatives 2. I don’t charge anything. Nope. Just because you didn’t charge any money doesn’t negate the fact you stole. 3. I’m using the photo for non-profit, educational…

film processing

Film Processing Procedures that Ensure High-Quality Results

17 Mar 2015 - Robert Hirsch

Certain general working procedures can be followed in film processing to ensure consistent high-quality results. These include the following: ■ Read, follow, and understand all technical and safety data before processing the film. ■ Ascertain your equipment and working area are clean, dry, and properly functioning. ■ Seal any light leaks in film-loading and film…


March – April Photo Contest
Theme: Shadows

12 Mar 2015 - Sloane Stinson

To enter Focal Press’s March April Photo Contest, please click here. Theme:  Shadows Co-sponsored by Macphun!  Win Focal Press books and Macphun Software! Inspired by the book: Rick Sammon’s Creative Visualization for Photographers Composition, exposure, lighting, learning, experimenting, setting goals, motivation and more Guest Judge – Rick Sammon Prizes: Grand Jury Winner: -          A copy…


So you want to win a mobile photo competition?

10 Mar 2015 - Richard Gray

The MPAs and the IPPAs: the two leading mobile-only photography awards All photography competitions are businesses in some form or other. Some competitions make profits for their organisers, some are marketing vehicles for their sponsors, others are designed to build archives of photos for sale and some simply want your contact details so they can…


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