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Andrew Gibson

Andrew S Gibson is a freelance writer and self-publisher. As Technical Editor of EOS magazine he writes about Canon EOS cameras and also pens articles about photography for other magazines and websites. He likes black and white photography, the square format and travel. He's also been known to write an ebook or two.


Posts by Andrew Gibson:


New Features in Lightroom 5: The Upright Tool


The Upright Tool is a useful if unglamorous addition to Lightroom. It is primarily used in architectural photography to correct distortion caused by using a wide-angle lens. Wide lenses are often used out of necessity—there simply may not be enough space (or the building may be too big) to use a longer focal length. The…


New Features in Lightroom 5: The Advanced Healing Brush


One of the key differences between Photoshop and Lightroom is that Photoshop’s Healing Brush and Clone tools are much more advanced. This changed with Lightroom 5, and while Photoshop is still better in some ways, the gap between the two has narrowed. This benefits Lightroom users—the more retouching you can do in Lightroom, the less…


New Features in Lightroom 5: The Radial Filter


The Radial Filter is one of my favorite features of Lightroom 5. It is similar to the Graduated Filter in that you use it to make a selection (or a Mask in Lightroom terminology) then apply a local adjustment to the tonal or color values using a set of sliders. The main difference between the…


Perfect Portrait 2: The Perfect Portrait Plug-in?


One of the more confusing aspects of processing portraits has to be the plethora of retouching plug-ins available. There are a lot – and some of them are more expensive than Lightroom, a program that many of you will use. How does one figure out which, if any, are worth buying? Many plug-ins have a…


The Art of Taking Portraits with Natural Light – Part 4: Successful Portrait Processing in Lightroom 4


For many photographers Photoshop CS has become the go to tool for processing portraits. It’s an invaluable tool for professional retouching, but most photographers don’t require such a high degree of control and precision. The retouching tools in the much less expensive Lightroom 4 are very effective and more than good enough for most photographers….


The Art of Taking Portraits with Natural Light – Part 3: The Search for the Perfect Portrait Lens


There’s probably no such thing as a perfect portrait lens, but if such a thing existed, then for me it would be my 85mm prime lens. Here’s what mine looks like – I’ve used several photos taken with it to illustrate this article so that you can get a feel for the character of the…

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