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Andy Batt, Candace Dobro, Jodie Steen

Andy Batt is a professional photographer who creates images for editorial, advertising, interactive and corporate clients. A former faculty member of SVA’s MPS DP program, he is known for his dramatic sports photos and portraits of interesting people. Andy’s photography has most recently been featured in Photo District News (PDN), and his advertising work includes photographing NFL players, Indy Car racers and reality TV star Dog The Bounty Hunter. Candace Dobro is a portrait and still-life photographer and a writer/editor specializing in photo-related topics. She is a graduate of the MPS DP program at SVA. Jodie Steen owns 127 Productions, Inc., designing and implementing color-management solutions for top ad agencies, prominent artists and industry-leading photographers. Jodie is a former faculty member of SVA’s MPS DP program.

Posts by Andy Batt:


Creative Color – So many Choices!
An Old-School Technique for Exploring Your Options


We use neutral balance cards to get rid of colorcasts. For jobs that require accurate color as the end goal, e.g., art reproduction, then we’re all set—but if our goal is creative color, then we’re in the realm of aesthetic choice. How do we know what’s good or bad? When it comes to creative color,…


Media Card Management, Workflow and Recovery


With just about any camera system, you capture your images directly to some kind of flash memory card; CF, SD and Micro SD are the most common ones. These durable cards are the workhorses of the capture process—saving, transferring and being formatted over and over during their lifetime. Your images are at their most fragile…


Learning to Focus Like a Camera


Our eyes and brains sample many different points of focus almost simultaneously and take in a wide view that includes information from our peripheral vision.  We combine all that information to create our vision, and our brains respond almost instantaneously.  They allow us to concentrate on what’s in front of us, putting everything we see…

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