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Catherine McIntyre

Catherine McIntyre is a digital artist living and working in rural Scotland. From a traditional illustration background, she now uses Photoshop alongside collage and montage techniques. Thematically, McIntyre works with still life and nude subjects to explore the light and dark of life. She often develops something new from the old and incorporates found objects and drawings with photography to create textured and layered visual meditations. Her work has been published in books and magazines worldwide and is in private and public collections in the UK, US and Europe.


Posts by Catherine McIntyre:


Visual Alchemy – The Landscape


Constantly changing with the hour, the weather and the season, the visual and emotional potential of landscape is endless. From serene vistas to raging seascapes, barren wastelands to lush and living rainforest, breathless mountain passes to intimate country lanes, our world is dramatic, inspiring and beautiful. It is only relatively recently, however, that landscape has…


The Portrait


A portrait is not simply a photograph or painting of a face. Indeed, it may not even show a face. Rather, a portrait is a revelation, a connection with the subject. It is the product of a symbiotic collaboration between the sitter and the artist, a give and take, a communication. It may have taken…

DCF 1.0

Visual Alchemy – Beauty and Idea


To my mind, there are two essentials for any work of art: that it should be beautiful, and that it should mean something. If a concept has no real visual expression, best to write it; art is about looking. The aesthetic of a work of art is its means of getting directly to our emotions,…


Visual Alchemy – Finding Your Subject


What is your passion? What interests you above all else, occupies your mind, follows you into your dreams and colors your whole life? This is inevitably what you will be making pictures about. The most important part of any artistic effort is what you communicate. The subject of an image is, naturally, not just the…

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