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Chris Gatcum

Award-winning photographer and frequent contributor of technical and technique-based photography articles to various online and print publications. Chris was formerly the technical editor for What Digital Camera? magazine and a technical writer for Amateur Photographer magazine

Posts by Chris Gatcum:


Photographing Snowscapes – Exposure Issues
Part 2: Metering Solutions For Snow


EXPOSING FOR SNOW As we’ve seen, your camera’s meter is programmed to interpret each and every scene you aim it at in the same way, and when it comes to photographing very bright scenes—such as snow—it is quite likely to get the exposure consistently wrong. Fortunately, we can use the histogram to see what went…


Photographing Snowscapes – Exposure Issues
Part 1: Reading the Histogram


EXPOSURE ISSUES Snow is such an exciting aspect of photographing in winter. It is exciting because for many of us it’s something that happens relatively infrequently, making it naturally special when it does occur. Yet as exciting as snow is, it is incredibly challenging, and can play havoc with your in-camera exposure metering, no matter…


The Four Seasons Series: Summer Extremes


Shooting into the sun: having the sun in shot, or including reflections on water are scenarios that are guaranteed to give you a high dynamic range that exceeds the capabilities of your camera. Contrast The harsh summer sun can create high-contrast lighting conditions that aren’t always conducive to general landscape photography, but despite what many…

Summer photography

The Four Seasons Series: Summer Creativity


During the day in summer, the sun is often hard and overhead, reducing shadows and creating rather two-dimensional images such as these. It’s easy to start thinking that the conditions make it impossible to create striking pictures, but don’t: you just need to think creatively! It’s fair to say that within an hour of the…

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