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Christina Lane

I'm Christina and I live in soggy Washington State near Portland, OR. My blog,, is a creative journal, meant to keep me inspired and crafting. I enjoy many crafts: sewing, quilting, crochet, knitting, drawing, photography, embroidery, and the list goes on. I love a good book (romance), northwest wines (Oregon Blossom), the beach (Manzanita, OR), a good pen (ballpoint) and most especially my husband and our little guy (Aaron + Brice). You can see more of my photography at


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Meaningful photo gifts for Moms, Dads and Grads


Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the graduation season are right around the corner, and not only does that mean lots of photos ahead, but also the need for meaningful gifts for our friends and family.  With all the photos that will be taken, why not give a gift that prompts those loved ones to take…


Photo Valentine Gift Idea For Him: A Photo Paperweight


I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time thinking of ideas for the men in my life when it comes to holidays.  I would rather not gift, than gift something that isn’t meaningful and/or useful, which makes today’s gift a great choice for a lot of men in your life.   My…


Photo Valentine Gift Idea For Her: Photo Mini Quilt


I feel a little un-PC dictating a post as a “his” or “her” gift item, so I hope you will take them in the spirit of “masculine” and “feminine” ideas.  I certainly know a guy or two that might love this “her” gift as much as the women in my life.  And I’m sure many…

photo pillow 1

Create A Photo Pillow


…these pillows are meant to provide a sense of comfort and home. In my last post I talked about printing on inkjet fabric sheets. It’s very simple to do and can be used in so many projects. For this project you will need various fabric scraps for the front of your pillow, a fat quarter for your backing, photos printed on inkjet fabric sheets, a scrap piece of batting and a travel size pillow (12×16″).


Create A Simple Photo Tote


This is the time of year I think about which of my photos I can gift or what crafts I can make for gifts. When I’m able to incorporate the two, it’s not just a fun gift, but personal to the receiver as well. To make this tote, you will need 1/2 yard of heavy/decorator weight fabric…


Photographing Crafts


I love to sew and craft, but perhaps more than that, I love to take photos of my creations. It’s not as easy as putting the item on a surface and snapping a photo. A lot more thought goes into it, even if it’s taken me awhile to admit to that. When I’m ready to take photos, there are 5 main things I consider…

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