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Clive Branson

Clive is a photography graduate from New York City’s Parsons School of Design. After graduating, he entered advertising as an Art Director. With extensive advertising and marketing experience, Clive has been a Senior Copywriter and a Creative Director for agencies in Toronto, Ottawa and Bermuda and presently runs his own company with clients throughout the world. He still remains an active writer/photographer for numerous local, national and international magazines and newspapers and has had his work exhibited on 5th Avenue as well as aired on WPBSTV.


Posts by Clive Branson:

Smoke Trails

How to Photograph Smoke Trails
Focus on Close-up and Macro Photography


Smoke trails can be spellbinding; their ethereal, dance-like movements seem so harmonious. To capture smoke trails, follow these steps: 1.)    Use a black background and a solid base. 2.)    Use an incense stick. You can stand it in Plasticine or any other mold. 3.)     Close all windows. Yes, there may be a lingering scent afterward,…

Why Backgrounds are Important

If I’m Shooting Close-Ups, Why Is the Background So Important?


Backgrounds are virtually as important as the subjects themselves in making a picture work, but they are often the most overlooked aspect of photography. If the background isn’t a key component to the subject matter, blur it out by using a wider aperture or stronger lens. What you don’t want is the background to vie…

Food Photography

Tips ‘n Tricks For Food Photography


Food is a wonderful subject to photograph because there is so much variety, so it is difficult to go wrong in choosing a product. However, there are ways to avoid making food look bland. Before you shoot, be aware of some key principles: you don’t always have to shoot food at a 45-degee angle, subdue…

Layout 8

Abstract Photography Up Close


“What is it?” tends to be the usual response from viewers regarding abstract images. This reaction isn’t really a surprise since abstract photography is less about the literal definition and more about a subjective expression aimed to engage, provoke or entice. As a form of art what takes precedence is the form, color, line and…

Figure 2

Up Close and Personal on Flowers


If you were to have your portrait taken, how would you like it shot? The same can apply to flowers. A photograph of a flower is meant to articulate its characteristics, heightening our awareness of its grace and beauty and for the viewer to become fully aware of its intimate details. However, we, unlike the…

E-Type Jaguar (Fig. 1)

Cool Shots for Hot Cars


Art doesn’t have to hang in a gallery. It can be seen everyday prowling the streets. It is through the innovative aesthetics of design that the car has evolved from an amorphous, utilitarian conveyance into a rolling, metallic sculpture. How does one frame the personality of such machines? And how does close-up photography have anything…

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