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Dave Stevenson and Nik Rawlinson

Dave Stevenson, UK-based photographer specializing in wildlife and nature photography. He writes standalone articles for magazines such as Digital SLR User, MacUser and websites such as and is a frequent contributor to the Sunday Times travel and technology sections. Nik Rawlinson, is a UK-based journalist.

Posts by DaveandNik:

Focus on Lightroom image 1.1

Soft Proofing in Lightroom


Lightroom allows you to marshal an image from import to export, which means you don’t need any other software to give most images everything they need.  Lightroom’s ability to work with different color spaces has grown impressively over the years, and users of the newest versions—Lightroom 4 and up—will get the most benefit from this…


Focus on Lightroom: White Balance


To produce images with accurate colors, your camera has to detect the kind of light it’s working in: different kinds of light bulb or cloud cover can affect the white balance in an image, and when the camera gets it wrong—which it will—the result will be an image that looks too warm (orange) or cool…


Focus on Photoshop Lightroom – Dust Removal


Dust is a fact of life for all photographers, but nature photographers get it worse—a life outside in hard environments can be tough on both your photographs and your kit, and the necessary evil of changing lenses outside means you’ll often find specks of dust upsetting your images. The problem is worse on images taken…

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