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David Asch

David lives in Brighton, UK. He likes to spread himself thin by not only working full-time in a busy computer systems support role, but also as a freelance author, photographer and digital-artist specializing in photomontage. He has had work featured in numerous magazines and is a beta tester for Adobe digital imaging products.


Posts by David Asch:


The Improved Content-aware Straightening Tool in Elements 12


Video Tutorial from the How to Cheat in Elements Website: From the Book: The Straighten Tool has been a feature of Elements since version 4. The problem has always been that when we use it on a crooked photo, we have to sacrifice some of the image in order to remove the blank areas created…


Elements 12 – The New Content-aware Move Tool


Video Tutorial from the How to Cheat in Elements Website: From the Book: In Elements 12 we now have a new addition to the content-aware toolset: The Content-aware Move tool. The tool can be used to reposition elements of an image, giving us the ability to change the composition of a scene with very little…


The Concept of Layers in Photoshop Elements


The concept of layers can be a tricky thing to get to grips with; we are, after all, used to creating artwork on the more traditional mediums of paper or canvas, where everything takes place on a single surface. This is unforgiving when it comes to versatility, however. If we make a mistake it’s usually…

Figure 6

Casting a Divine Light with Photoshop Elements 11:
Using a little hyper-reality to make an image stand out.


Sometimes it is necessary to exaggerate an effect (for the purpose of illustration, for instance) and as long as we don’t overdo it, a little hyper-reality can really make an image stand out. We’ll demonstrate this by creating the impression of light beaming through a stained-glass window and projecting its image on to the floor…


Five storage and editing tips for your holiday photos


Originally posted to BusinessWire: The wintertime holidays make for wonderful photo opportunities, unique to any other time of year. Family and friends gather to celebrate over hearty meals, gift exchanges, parties and religious celebrations. We pick up our cameras to capture these moments in order to later revisit and share them. For this reason,…

Final Image

Continuity of Content: Changing undesirable backgrounds in Photoshop Elements 9


We can’t always choose our backgrounds and whether we just want a better looking photo or need the subject to be placed in a different image entirely, we need to be able to make a good selection and one that comprises all the required details. Our standard tools do a great job in most cases…

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