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Haje Jan Kamps

Haje Jan Kamps has been a freelance writer and photographer as well as an editor. In addition to his popular do-it-yourself photography blog,, Haje is known for his creative inventions such as the macro extendion tube he made from a pringles can.

Posts by Haje Jan Kamps:


The Rule: Always simplify your images – Break the Rule: Capture complication


The Rule: Always simplify your images Beginning photographers often make the mistake of trying to do too much, and include too many things in their photographs, resulting in a busy shot that seems to have no real purpose or focus. If you ever have a chance to look at some famous photographs you’ll notice that…


The Rule: Sharper is Better – Break the Rule: Embrace the Blur


The Rule: Sharper is Better What is sharpness? In photography, sharpness is the quality of your photos that renders a clear image of your subject. Your photos will become sharper by: • using high-quality photographic equipment • sticking to the “sweet spot” of your lenses (they tend to be sharpest around two stops smaller than…


Street Photography – Etiquette and Taking Photos on the Sly


Taking photos on the sly How you decide to approach street photography will to a large extent depend on your personality. If you’re quite confident and don’t mind the occasional confrontation, you can do pretty much whatever you like. It’s worth being aware, however, that people’s attitudes and postures change if they realize they are…

On this visit to a safari park, I assumed correctly that I wouldn’t be able to get too close to the animals. As such, bringing my 70 – 200 mm lens proved invaluable. Taken at 1/2000 sec, f/2.8, and ISO 100 with a 70 – 200 mm lens zoomed to 200 mm.

Travel Photography – How to Become a Luckier Photographer


You’ll often hear one photographer comment on another’s work by saying “Wow, that is an incredibly lucky shot” or “Wow, I wish I was lucky enough to come away with a shot like that.” I appreciate the sentiments in both sentences, and there can be no denying that all photography will have an element of…


Photographing People – It is All About the Eyes


It’s All About the Eyes The very first thing you need to know about getting people to look awesome is that their eyes have to be in focus. This is absolutely, completely nonnegotiable. If they have their eyes open, get them in focus. If they have them closed, get them in focus. Is your model…

Panorama 3

How to: Shoot Panoramas


Panorama 1 : This photo consists of half a dozen original photos, neatly stitched together to create a 180-degree panorama. Taken at 1/1000 sec, f/5.6, and ISO 100. Panorama 2: This super-wide shot of the San Francisco skyline was originally 10 different photos. Taken at 1/80 sec, f/7.1, and ISO 200. Panorama 3: A panorama…

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