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Joseph Meehan

Joseph Meehan has been a professional photographer, writer and teacher for more than 35 years. Over a thousand of his images have appeared in books, magazines, as well as on Web sites all over the world. Meehan’s work has been profiled in many photography magazines including, Popular Photography, Outdoor Photography, View Camera Magazine, Shutterbug and the British Journal of Photography. He was also the Senior Technical Editor of Photo District News for over a decade, and the editor of the UK publication, The Photography Yearbook. In addition, he has written 25 books on photographic technique, several of which have received awards as well as being published in multiple languages.


Posts by Joseph Meehan:


HDR Tone Mapping vs. Exposure Fusion (What’s the Difference and Does it Matter?)


One of the oldest challenges in photography is to capture important details in both highlight and shadow areas. Unfortunately, film or digital cameras can only record a finite range of brightness. The introduction of High Dynamic Range (HDR) software in recent years has become a popular way of dealing with this challenge. In addition, options…


Scanner Photography: An Alternative with a Large Format Look


One of the great things about the arrival of digital technology is that we are now able to use so many different capture devices in our photography. Everything from pocket-sized compact cameras to sophisticated DSLRs or super mega-pixel digital backs on large format cameras to say nothing of smart phones and digital tablets. Then there…


Photographing Baseball and Softball – Part II: Getting the Difficult Shots


In the Part I article the emphasis was on how to capture actions that were predictable and repetitive in pre-game drills and during a game. This second installment deals with game situations that are more complex in which the final outcomes are unknown. Typically, this is the type of action that occurs during plays made…


Photographing Baseball & Softball – Part 1: The Easy Shots


Each year, thousands of young people play baseball and softball in scholastic and youth leagues all over the USA and many photographers are asked by their families to “get some pictures” of a son or daughter. Anyone who has taken up this challenge quickly realizes that there are two basic types of action shots on…

Photographing Lightning

When Lightning Strikes…


So how to expose for lightning? A bolt of lightning is, obviously, extremely bright, particularly if it is close and particularly compared to nighttime ambient light levels. So setting the correct exposure for the night sky or surroundings and waiting for a lightning strike will result in a very overexposed image, due to the relative…


A Simple Lighting Stall for Table Top Photography in Sunlight


Here is a way to produce studio quality images for all sorts of tabletop subjects from flowers to figurines using an inexpensive and easy to make lighting stall. It is based on the tried and true studio method of using a medium contrast light source while controlling the amount of fill light. The three-sided stall…

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