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Ken McMahon

As a result of his fascination with all things digital, Ken McMahon has had, and continues to occupy, far too many jobs. He divides his time between running a design studio, writing tutorials, articles and reviews, writing books on digital photography, and lecturing in the Institute of Photography at Falmouth University.


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Quick and Dirty Color Management in PaintShop Pro X6


VIDEO TUTORIAL: For more PaintShop Pro X6 video tutorials visit BY THE BOOK: Color Management in Corel PaintShop Pro X6 PaintShop Pro X introduced support for ICC color profiles which makes getting consistent color from your monitor to your printer that much easier. To turn on color management, select File > Color Management >…


Color Management in PaintShop Pro X6 – Calibrating Your Monitor


For color management to work successfully, it’s important that your monitor is correctly calibrated. To do this in PaintShop Pro X6, select File > Color Management > Monitor Calibration and complete the Monitor Calibration wizard. This video outlines step-by-step how to use the Monitor Calibration wizard in PaintShop Pro X6. For more PaintShop Pro X6…

FIG 3.17 Use PaintShop Pro’s High Pass Sharpen filter to sharpen edge detail without exaggerating noise and other unwanted detail.

High Pass Sharpening in PaintShop Pro X4


One of the problems with unsharp masking is that it can sharpen parts of the image you just don’t want to sharpen. PaintShop Pro X4 includes a method of sharpening that doesn’t suffer from these drawbacks because it confines sharpening only to edge detail and other high-contrast areas within an image. High pass sharpening isn’t…

FIG 3.3 Treat the Brightness/Contrast tool with caution. Better still, avoid it altogether, as it won’t improve the quality of your photos. No, not even the underexposed ones.

Fill Light/Clarity in PaintShop Pro X4


Fill Light/Clarity is a new tool in PaintShop Pro X4, which, like all of these Adjust palette tools, is also available in the Edit workspace. Fill Light is specifically for adding light into the shadow regions of photos and is particularly useful for shots that are slightly underexposed or where you should’ve used a fill…


Corel Webinar with Ken McMahon on HDR Photography


Updated on 4/25/12 — here is the link to the webinar! On Wednesday April 18th, I’ll be hosting a Corel Webinar on HDR – High Dynamic Range photography. As well as going through the steps involved with producing HDR images in Corel Paint Shop Pro X4, I’ll be talking about all aspects of HDR…

Paint Shop Pro Panorama

Creating a panorama in Paintshop Pro X3


Panoramas are a great way to stretch your creativity, both through composition and all-over picture potential. So, what exactly is a panorama and what special gear is needed to make it? A panorama is essentially nothing more than a group of pictures joined together, seamlessly, into one wide (or high) picture. Panoramas generally begin with…

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