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Kim Aldis

Kim Aldis is a former computer animator and special effects artist who now spends his time taking photographs in and around South Devon. He studied Photography at the London College Of Printing and his first job on leaving college in 1978 was working at Gabrin and Mills where for three years he was an assistant director involved in making pop videos for, amongst others, Madness and Ian Dury. Following this, he spent some time as a freelance photographer working within the music industry before making the move into 3D computer animation at Digital Pictures, which at the time was a pioneering company in the then fledgeling field of CGI. Kim worked on commercials and movies and wrote and developed their 3D modelling software. In 1985 he became Head of Animation at Digital Pictures overseeing their animation department and coordinating, planning and directing small and large CGI projects. In 1993 Kim left Digital Pictures to found The Aldis Animation Company. Starting as a one man operation The Aldis Animation Company quickly became one of the largest fully independent CGI facility in the UK working with most of the major TV companies, leading advertising agencies and design companies both in the UK and abroad producing animated graphics for commercials, TV titles, station indents, games and branding. Kim sold The Aldis Animation Company in 2001 to spend time freelancing as a CGI animator, technical director and consultant. His services have been in much demand around the world and he is well known in the UK, the USA, Canada, India, the Middle and Far East and Europe. He co-founded CG Soup in 2005 with leading US CGI artist Brad Gabe. CG Soup provided technical consultancy and training services to the television and movie industries. Retiring from the CGI world in 2007 Kim moved out of London. He now spends his time in the UK’s South Devon taking photographs of people, the landscape and local musicians.


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After colour correction

Meadfoot Beach: Post Walkthrough in Photoshop


About This Image Although at first glance  straight out of the camera it appears dull and lifeless, this image has a lot going for it. It’s shot at 0.3 sec which has caught some really nice motion in the foreground waves. Looking closely at the larger version of the shot (not shown here) the light…

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