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Kort Kramer

Kort is a graphic designer and the Art Director for the in-house art department at PDI-SAT. Photography is a love and hobby of his that he has been able to incorporate into his day-job in the form of product photography. After hours and on weekends, he explores more artistic interests with his camera. He lives with his family in Boca Raton, FL.


Posts by Kort Kramer:

Pic 1: black and white to color blend of a pond scene in infrared

False Color Infrared Photography: Part 2


There is no denying the drama of monochromatic infrared images. The impact of dark skies and the ghostly white foliage is hard to surpass. However, when color is introduced into a infrared image, it takes on a whole new dimension. Black & White infrared images are magical, yet retain some semblance of reality.  Color infrared,…

Picture 2: Morikami Gardens with a purple lake

False Color Infrared Photography: Part 1


Infrared photography is known for its contrasts: Snow white foliage, dark skies, murky waters and ghostly skin tones. Often IR photographs are rendered in black and white to accentuate the sense of drama. There is a subset of IR photography known as false-color infrared that takes things a step further and renders the world in…


Basic Infrared Photography With Just A Filter


Why do photographers take infrared photos? Surely there is enough imagery to explore in the visible spectrum to keep all of us interested and happy. My guess would be that an infrared photographer wants to depict the world in a whole new light–pun intended. I was captivated by the otherworldliness of infrared from the very…

False color IR image taken on Pine Island, FL.

The Power of Infrared


The first time I viewed an infrared image, I felt as though I’d been transported to another planet. The unearthly colors, white foliage and dark skies were unlike anything I’d experienced in a photograph. I was immediately captivated by this unusual medium and wanted to explore it further. This was back in the early 1990s…

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