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LaNola Stone

LANOLA KATHLEEN STONE is a New York City-based professional photographer, artist, author, and educator. Her commercial clients seek her out to photograph interiors, portraits, and lifestyle, although she is mostly know for her aptitude with children and childhood imagery. Beyond her photography career, LaNola is also a 2nd Class Petty Officer/Public Affairs Specialist (photojournalist/media liaison) for the United States Coast Guard Reserve.


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New Year’s Resolution #1: Really Know the Tools of Your Trade


NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #1: REALLY KNOW THE TOOLS OF YOUR TRADE Oh, and by the way, you are your best tool! In January 1839, when photography was first introduced to the public, all that was required to be a photographer was the ability to follow directions and ownership of a camera and chemistry. Unlike paintings,…


Determining Resolution


DETERMINING RESOLUTION Pre-visualization and strategizing for desired results    During this time of resolutions and seeking clarity in our lives, I thought it’d be great to discuss the topic of resolution in regards to digital image files. Clarity on this often-misunderstood subject will allow us to strategize and effectively work toward our desired image results!…


Find inner creativity and “mother” guidance for your creative endeavors


There is something special about creativity.  Just the word “creativity” emotes near mystical significance.  It is almost always the first thing universally sought after in major endeavors (especially when they’ve hit a snag), yet is taken for granted in the everyday. Mother is another special word.  The power of the word, like creativity, is immense. …

displaying work

A recipe for a legacy in images


Sharing your Photography: We’ve all heard the question, “If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” The very same question can be raised for our images. If they remain on hard drives or even printed as pieces locked in drawers, never shared, does…


Childhood Remembered


Step one toward making a successful image of childhood: Remember Childhood. For me, childhood was an epic time! My early years were spent on two acres of untamed land in Santa Barbara, California. I had many splendid forts made of twigs and holes and various stories of make-believe (which I experienced as just plain “believe”)…

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