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Taking the Questions out of Quesadilla Styling


The great thing about making quesadillas for a photo project is that it’s a low cost and fairly fool proof project, if you have a few tricks in your toolbox.  I would like to share some tricks for this project that will hopefully take you on a successful photo journey with good results. I suggest…

(c) Angela Bellingham

Seduce the Camera with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


Who doesn’t like chocolate dipped strawberries?  They might appear difficult to make, but aren’t actually hard to create, which makes them perfect for an easy photo project.  To my eye, the color and textural contrasts of chocolate dipped strawberries make for an interesting image.  The bright green foliage contrasted with the seeded surface of the…

© Bellingham/Bybee

Photo “Op” Friday: Building the Whole Hero Sandwich


When the lighting and set are finalized, it’s time to build the hero. Because there are usually numerous elements in a sandwich, you will need a large table space on which to assemble all of the components, plus space for your tools and supplies. You will need to cut approximately10 toothpicks in half. Keep the…

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