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Lou Jones

Lou Jones is a Boston-based freelance fine art and commercial photographer. He is an American Photo Magazine trek leader; past clients include National Geographic, People Magazine, and IBM.


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Why Speedlights?


With today’s advanced digital cameras and their hypersensitivity to light, it is a wonder we need any artificial light at all. But even the most dedicated purist will concede that there are situations that beg for supplemental lighting, like when nature can/should be enhanced for optimum clarity. The fundamental question is “Why Speedlights?” Photographers have…

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It may be hubris, but what did the first artist look like?  Art stirs primal urges.  What circumstances turned an act of survival into an act of passion?  Most two dimensional art began organically: splashing pigment on cave rock, drawing lines in the sand, penning ink on paper. Its origins must have been simple.  More…

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