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Mark Chester

Mark Chester has been a professional photographer since 1972. His photographs and/or feature stories have been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and The Christian Science Monitor, among others. Chester’s book, No in America, with a foreword by Edwin Newman, is a collection of tongue-in-cheek photographs of “no” signs. Previously, he photographed Charles Kuralt’s book, Dateline America. His photographs are in permanent museum collections including Baltimore, Brooklyn, Corcoran, Denver, Portland, San Francisco and others. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Chester is a Copley Artist member. He teaches at the Falmouth Artists Guild. His newest book is Twosomes ( Chester lives in Woods Hole, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. See his work at and


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The Photographer Who Writes


Why is a photograph worth a thousand words? Who came up with that number anyway?  Why not just one hundred? Or five -hundred? (This blog is 612 words plus a photograph, so here are 1612 words about the “photographer-writer.”) I think that photographers who write are more than a bird-in-the hand! Taking photographs is second…

dog & knapsack UA campus_6128 copy

The Photographer’s Archive – What Happens to it?


So, you’re in mid-career. What age is that, anyway? Perhaps you have another ten, twenty or thirty years left behind the camera following your passion, making art and earning a living. But what happens to all those negatives, contact sheets, digital files, and work and exhibition prints after you drop your SLR on that destined…

Cruise-Women-Hailing-Taxi copy

Finding Your Eye – Creating the Photography Book


Publishing a photography book is easier in today’s digital age. Photographers can print their visions in book form on demand via Blurb and other companies. Reaching an audience, other than friends and relatives requires organization, strategy and a marketing plan. Creating your own photography book takes an inner vision, a concept; and to attract viewers,…

Jerry Uelsmann at PEM with self-portrait

Developing Photo Ideas: Where Do They Come From?


Thankfully – miraculously – I still have the energy, curiosity, and perseverance that I had when I was a twenty-something, self-taught photographer during the mid-1960s.  Now, almost 67, my “modus operandi” remains unchanged. I still think in terms of visual stories that would be fun to show and tell.  My ideas still come from some…

Howardie Brodie & Patty Hearst

Seeing the Big Picture


The news that 271 works by Picasso valued at nearly $80 million recently discovered in an electrician’s garage, shocked the art world. Then there was the art fiasco that left egg tempera on the face of funnyman and serious art collector Steve Martin when his German painting was discovered a forgery. The art business can…

Charles Kuralt-Ill copy

Charles Kuralt: A Role Model


I think it’s safe to say that each one of us has a role model, someone who touched us or influenced our direction in life, either directly or indirectly. With the passings of Walter Cronkite, the CBS Television newsman, and Don Hewitt, a CBS news producer and director, there was another CBS broadcaster who shaped…

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