Author: Martin Edge

Martin Edge

Martin Edge is a freelance lecturer in underwater photography and a regular columnist for all major diving magazines.


Posts by Martin Edge:


Underwater Photography:
How to Take Pictures and Protect the Reef


Whilst you may know what this is all about, many others won’t. You will be diving with these ‘many others’ in the near future. Their diving photo habits may be somewhat lacking and may damage the reef. It may also damage the reputation of other responsible photographers who are diving with them and you may…


Organized chaos in underwater photography


Organized Chaos: I use this term to describe the art of shooting schooling fish. Let’s face it; for the most part fish swim in a disordered, chaotic and jumbled mass. In my experience, this is why we become dissatisfied with our results. Whilst observing fish over a period of time we perceive an orderly and tidy gathering;…

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