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Portrait Talk with Paul Fuqua


My goal with Mark, a master welder, was to make a classic “craftsman with his tools” portrait. There are two tried-and-true ways of creating such an image. One is to show workers in their actual work environments. The other is to picture them isolated from their workplaces but with some tool, or other item, that…

Lighting setups

Talking Portraits with Paul Fuqua


Li’l Dutch is a talented performer who has dedicated herself to the restoration of burlesque as an art form. For this portrait, I posed her in the doorway of her classic aluminum housetrailer—a location that helped to give this portrait an interesting “retro” look. I began arranging my lights by putting two small flash heads…

4 Light Portrait Setup

A four-light portrait in a “movie-poster” style


Lynn has tough, hard-edged looks that are perfectly suited for a dramatically lit portrait. He’s also blessed with the ability to effortlessly assume any pose or persona. With this in mind, I decided to shoot his portrait in the stark and contrasty style of vintage noirmovie posters. Before the shoot, Lynn and I met and…

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