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Peter Ensenberger

Throughout his career, Peter Ensenberger has crossed photographic boundaries to explore different styles and diverse subjects. After studying fine art photography in college, he went on to win awards as a staff photojournalist for several newspapers. More recently, he served 25 years as director of photography for Arizona Highways, the award-winning nature and travel magazine. His responsibilities for the magazine covered a wide range of roles-photographer, photo editor, writer, and project manager. Peter left Arizona Highways in 2009 to devote full time to his own photography business. Currently, he resides in Tempe, Arizona, where he is a freelance photographer for Black Star, an international photo agency based in New York. Corporate and editorial assignments make up the bulk of his work, with an emphasis on travel and lifestyle. In addition, he leads group and individual photo workshops to Arizona's most beautiful and remote locations.

Posts by Peter Ensenberger:


The Right Lens – Put lens optics to work for you!


Lenses come in a broad array of focal lengths that will help you realize your vision. They are generally grouped into three different categories—wide-angle, standard, and telephoto—each with its own inherent qualities that affect the way it “sees.” Lens characteristics impose their own view on a scene, so part of the composition process is shaping…


The Rule of Thirds:
A basic building block of good composition


It’s unfortunate that one of the most basic building blocks of good composition has been branded a “rule.” The so-called rule of thirds is one of the oldest and most fundamental principles governing composition, steeped in centuries of art history. But “rule” is a strong word to describe a concept intended more as inspiration than…


Mergers in Composition:
The Good, the Bad, and the Neutral


Mergers consist of intersecting lines, overlapping tones, or other contact points where compositional elements meet. A scene can contain many such intersections, so keen awareness of them helps you alleviate their negative effects. Identifying the “good” mergers, “neutral” mergers, and “bad” mergers is an important step in choosing the right viewpoint and perspective. Good mergers…

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