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Quavondo is a professional commercial photographer based in scenic Portland Oregon, but frequently travels to L.A. After a long-standing freelance design career with ad agencies including Weiden+Kennedy, Quavondo followed his life-long passion for photography and hopes you do the same. You can follow his daily blabber at At the International Photography Awards (which receives over 18,000 entries from 104 countries annually), Quavondo’s photos have earned top-three placement along with 17 honorable mentions. He has been featured on the web-based photography show [Framed], assisted celebrity photography team Markus Klinko & Indrani, and has appeared on photography-based reality TV shows Double Exposure and Make Me a Supermodel. His portfolio includes NBA all-stars and celebrities.


Posts by Quavondo:

Russell James 1

Russell James Has The Best Job Ever!


Have you noticed that year in and year out, Victoria’s Secret photography has not changed one bit? It ranks as one of the longest, most consistent branding streaks in the modern ad world, and it’s all thanks to the amazing talent of photographer Russell James, who has shot Victoria’s Secret since 1997. I’ve always had great respect…


Keys to Being a Successful Photographer (Part I)


We are very excited to have Quavondo joining MasteringPhoto as a contributor. Quavondo has his own blog — — where the article below was first posted. Quavondo has agreed to write new installments for MasteringPhoto so stay tuned! Heck I don’t know, let me know when you find out.  Just kidding. Attitude is Half…


Holiday Gift Idea: Photographer Shoot-Off: Lara Jade vs Joey L


An intern of mine once said, “I really, really hate looking at other photographers’ work. I either get angry seeing bad photography being praised, or depressed looking at great work and doubt whether I have what it takes to make it as a photographer.” So what he ends up doing is nothing. Doing nothing is…

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