Author: Randall Warniers

Randall Warniers

Randall Warniers is an editor, writer, and photographer. He is an instructor in photography at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and an invited speaker and teacher of photography at the MIT Media Lab. A former student of Garry Winogrand, he specializes in street photography, travel photography, and any event photography where food is served.


Posts by Randall Warniers:


The Street Photography of Vivian Maier


In March of 2011, I saw the street photographs of Vivian Maier at the Chicago Cultural Center. I was stunned by the high quality of her work, and doubly stunned by the story of how she did the work and how her work was discovered. Vivian Maier was a Chicago nanny who spent her off-duty…


The Lytro Light Field Camera: Innovative for sure, but who will want one?


In a digital camera, each pixel in an image represents a single value of light intensity, determined at each sensor site from the sum of the intensities of all the light rays entering the lens from all directions in a scene. Researchers in computational photography have developed an improved method to record these light rays….

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