Author: Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch has written seven books on Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, including his bestselling Hidden Power series. A photographer, designer, editor, and web developer, he writes for PC Photo, Popular Photography, Digital Photographer and Digital Photography Techniques. He teaches image editing and photography courses at, and he is a beta test for Adobe Photoshop.

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After splitting the sliders, visual evaluation suggested a broad blend to try an allow the ropes to transition smoothly, but not so far as to lose rope details.

Blend If…???


Blend If is very much an overlooked and even mysterious feature to almost any Photoshop user. If you ever tried looking this feature up in manuals and books, you may not have been able to find it. In fact even searching Photoshop Help will not yield a title with Blend If in it (though the…

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