Author: Robert Harrington

Robert Harrington

Bob is a Milford, CT based photographer who shoots with off camera flash professionally and teaches it to a host of clients in the workshop and presentation format. He has presented his techniques at B&H Photo’s Event Space, the NECCC, and runs his own workshop series on getting pro results with small, portable speedlights. Armed with a degree in English Literature, a love of photography, and a passion for teaching, his work helps others how to use off camera flash creatively and effectively.


Posts by Robert Harrington:


Getting Started in Photography: Finding Your Niche


Getting started in professional photography is easy—simply get a good camera, build a portfolio, get business cards and a free blog, create a simple online presence with Facebook, Linked In, Twitter—then get busy!  The hard part about all of this is your longevity in a highly competitive business that’s seen huge shifts in the past…


Off Camera Flash Holiday Gear Guide


Are you scratching your head, wondering just what to get that special off camera flash user in your life? Well look no further as I’ve compiled a nice list for those of you suffering the wanderlust of surfing the web looking for just the right gift. So let’s set a budget and see what’s out…


Off Camera Flash for Your Holiday Portrait


With the holiday card season in full swing, what better time is there to show off your off camera flash skills and create a beautiful portrait for your family holiday card? Here’s a list of the equipment used for the shots below: Nikon SB900 with plastic omnibounce installed Pocket Wizard Flex TTL in TTL mode…

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