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Ryan Armbrust

Ryan Armbrust runs a pinup and boudoir studio which has handled many hundreds of clients, and runs a popular blog on the subject. He also teaches workshops in pinup photography, is a photographer for Retro Lovely magazine, and has released an iPhone app dedicated to pinup photography.

Posts by Ryan Armbrust:


This Valentine’s Day – Shoot Sexy! Boudoir Photography Tips


When I shoot a boudoir photo session, I like to include a variety of shots for the client: different camera angles, detail shots, and fulllength body shots. The best way to fit all of this in—without spending an excessive amount of time on the shoot—is to have a lighting setup that you can set once…

Retro Background for Pin-Up Photography

Step-by-Step: Quick Retro Background for Your Pinup Photography


If you have spent any time looking at classic pinup images, you will notice that some of them have funky, retro backgrounds in them. If you were to purchase all of these backgrounds, you would be broke in no time, so it is much cheaper to add them in post-production. BACKGROUNDS The internet is full…

Hair flowers make the perfect hair accessory.

Primp Tips: Hair and Makeup For Pinup Photography


Hair and makeup really pull the whole “pinup girl” image together. Without proper pinup hair and makeup, you are just shooting a model portrait, and unless you really know what you’re doing my advice is to find a hair and makeup artist that specializes in vintage looks. One of the most popular pinup girl hairstyles…

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