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Sara Frances

“I am a Foto Griot, a teller of tales of insight, culture and expression, through photographic or cinematic based imagery that is sometimes realistic, sometimes abstract. Starting out as a photojournalist, my style and ability have evolved far past documentary photojournalism into what I call “Storytelling from the Heart”. My passion is book making - designing extraordinary photo book constructions, portfolios and press books. I find personal magic as a "pixel surgeon", turning two dimensional imagery into intimate, very touchable works in three dimensions. Maybe four dimensions. And never repeated."


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Look carefully and you will see no breeze blowing. An assistant, running quickly, created the flowing veil.

Primer for the Wedding Photographer’s Assistant


The first few minutes are important for establishing a positive team atmosphere for the whole day. It’s very gratifying to have one’s attitude adjusted by an attentive assistant. From the assistant’s standpoint, this is the best way to learn wedding photography inside and out.

How to tell a little story of the bride’s late father? By a close-up with her mother of a locket he had given her as a little girl. The hands and expressions tell the story.

Iconic and Storyteller Weddings Defined


How do you integrate people skills with camera technique? A wedding storyteller may work in various styles, but he/she will take one of two approaches: iconic or series.


What is Wedding Photojournalism?


Think of wedding photojournalism as simply a glamorous name for angles and compositions that are fresh and free. It attempts to express a real life, real time approach to images that are less formulaic and more individualistic, but no less symbolic of what brides would like to memorialize as their lifestyle.


White Balance: The Secret Weapon for Great Wedding Exposures


Even though in-camera white balance presets have improved dramatically over the last few years, there’s much more you can do with minimal extra time and effort.

Beautiful faces are filled softly and with enough volume of flash on camera to compliment and dimensionalize the brilliance of strong back light.

Wedding photographers tame your flashes!


Controlling flash for wedding and event photography used to be a hornet’s nest of ugly shadows, harsh contrast, uneven coverage and black hole backgrounds. Until recently, many photographers avoided flash entirely, saying they used only “available light.” Great flash results are now just as “available,” and here’s how to get started. Contemporary flash modifiers have…

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