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Scott Valentine

Scott Valentine is an award-winning experimental photographer and long-time Photoshop user in both artistic and technical capacities. He contributes considerable time to Photoshop and digital photography communities. Scott has a deep understanding of digital imaging and optical physics, and served as a subject matter expert in microphotography and technical image analysis at a national laboratory. As a member of Photoshop's prerelease team, Scott has access to all the latest features and thinking from Adobe on "what's next.", (blog) fb: PhotoScott @sjv


Posts by Scott Valentine:


3D in Photoshop: What was Adobe Thinking??


Sometimes I wonder what Adobe is thinking. I mean, Photoshop CS3 introduced 3D tools, which I had never heard anyone asking for. Why didn’t we get more flexible smart filters, or a magic Noise Killer button? I’d have settled for infinite undos! When Photoshop first introduced the ability to include 3D models, many people were…


Blending in Photoshop for the perfect family portrait


Sometimes the stars don’t line up and you can’t get the shot you want in one nice frame. Photoshop can help with blending images together into a seamless whole, but you need to start with good source material. Last year, my wife wanted to get her family together for a group portrait as a gift…

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