Author: Shirley Read

Shirley Read

Shirley Read is an independent curator based in London. She teaches exhibition workshops at universities and writes for numerous magazines including Portfolio, Source, and Creative Camera.

Posts by Shirley Read:

The Salon Photo Prize at Matt Roberts Project Space, Vyner Street, East London. Image © Georgina McNamara

Exhibiting Your Photography: Possible Pitfalls and Way to Avoid Them


Possible Pitfalls of Exhibiting: Professional: 1. Exhibiting can be a huge financial drain and the cost disproportionate to the reward. 2. Unexpected essential costs can arise late in the process when there is no choice but to go over budget. 3. Galleries sometimes push for high-end presentation, which may be beyond your means. 4. The…

Diptych from Mythologies, 2011, fi ber based, 10 x 8 inch each, image © Esther Teichmann.

Exhibiting Case Study:
Esther Teichmann – Working Collaboratively


Dialogue needs community and creativity thrives upon dialogue. This triangular relationship between creativity, dialogue, and community, which is the foundation of all fine art education, is perhaps what is most vital to sustaining a practice, but is also difficult to maintain outside the framework of the academy. At various stages of my practice it has…

The studio at home. Image © Mary Pritchard.

DIY Exhibitions: The Open Studio


There are an increasing number of possible d.i.y. options for getting one’s work seen. All of them vary in costs, time input, and the possibility for critical attention and sales. The key criteria for deciding whether or how to follow this route are that it should suit the photographer’s working life and be a choice…

Untitled from “inward bound” 2006, 30 × 40 inches c-type. Image © Esther Teichmann

“What does where I hang my images have to do with how they look?” What a photography exhibition space does or does not offer


So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of showing with an established gallery rather than in a gallery that can be hired? Or in a place like a cinema foyer or cafe? Or of turning a non-gallery space into a temporary gallery? How does the potential exhibitor decide whether to show in a particular venue…

Installation shot of University of Westminster, Master of Arts Photographic Studies Show “Scenes,” 2006. Image © Edyta Girgiel

Finding an exhibition for your photography


Where does a photographer start with the complex business of looking for an exhibition? It may seem like a contradiction, but the best way to start thinking about exhibiting is often to stop thinking about it for a time. Many photographers hurtle too quickly from making photographs to trying to exhibit them, which is not…

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