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Simon Bond

Simon Bond is a professional freelance travel photographer, who focuses on the Asian continent for his work. He has traveled extensively in this region and is dedicated to producing the best quality travel photographs. Simon Bond has had his work featured in many publications globally, including having his refraction series of photos featured in The Metro, and The Daily Telegraph.

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Long Exposures


A long exposure is when you keep the shutter open for an extended period of time, usually somewhere in the range of ½ sec or more— perhaps even several minutes. Long exposures can be a lot of fun and can produce some stunning results, as the images you record are very different to the scene…


Zoom Burst


A zoom burst is achieved by changing the focal length of the lens while the camera is exposing. This technique can give you stunning results when used well. There are a few variables to consider when using this technique and these are as follows. The variables are zoom direction (in or out), location, flash, time…

Man-made Patterns

Techniques that Transform: Patterns


Patterns can form an important part of the design of a photograph, and in some cases they can become the subject in their own right. There are patterns all around us in the world, both natural and man-made. These patterns could be in the form of lines, circles, textures, or anything else that has a…

Street Photography

Street Photography Done Right


Street photography is many people’s favorite form of photography, and when it’s done well it can produce fantastic results. For some people, street photography is photography at its purest, because the best images are invariably about a precise moment in time that captures a mood and tells a story, with no second chance if you…

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