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Tom P. Ashe

Tom P. Ashe, the Associate Chair of the Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, is an internationally recognized educator and consultant in digital photography and color management. He received his Bachelor of Science in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, and his Masters of Applied Science in Photography from RMIT University (formerly Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in Melbourne, Australia. Tom’s background as a photographer, fine art digital printmaker, and product development specialist for Eastman Kodak, Monaco Systems, and Polaroid, gives him a unique understanding of the aesthetic and technical issues in digital photography today.


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Bayer mosaic pattern found on some digital camera sensors.

Color in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Lightroom handles editing and color management of files differently than Photoshop. This is mainly because Lightroom is, first and foremost, a Raw processor. It has other important functions, such as image asset management and the production of web galleries, but its primary purpose is working with Raw digital camera files. In reviewing how color is…


Color Correction in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s Develop Module


Color Correction Philosophies As an oversimplification, let’s say there are really two main philosophies of color correction. One says you should trust what you see on your display. The other says you should never trust what you see and that you can only trust the RGB or CMYK numbers that make up your image. Let’s…


Color, as well as photography, starts with light.


Colors are the children of light, and light is their mother. Light, that first phenomenon of the world, reveals to us the spirit and living soul of the world through colors. —Johannes Itten If we are going to make the best quality photographs and prints, we need to start by understanding the basics of color….

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