FIGURE 24 The same photo in black and white (A) and color (B). In this case, the color wasn’t contributing anything useful to the image, and in fact the muted colors on this rainy day were lowering the overall energy. Converting to black and white and increasing the contrast helped raise the energy.

Black and White vs. Color Photography


If color is so great, then why is black-and-white photography so popular? One simple reason is that it removes color as a component completely, removing any visual intensity and extraneous subtext that the color contributed to the image. If your image is a little too intense, removing the color might put its visual intensity back…

The art of the edit 1

The Art of the Edit


Over the years in which I have been involved with professional photography I have edited literally thousands of images—and that is how you learn how to edit. You have to look at photographs, lots of photographs, created by other photographers; you cannot learn to edit by looking purely at your own work. It is often…


That’s Not A Fashion Photograph…


There seems to be a serious misunderstanding amongst photographers hoping to be seen as and work as fashion photographers about what constitutes a fashion photograph. I cannot count the amount of times that I have been presented with a portfolio or website of ‘fashion images’ by an enthusiastic but commercially naïve aspiring fashion photographer, leaving…


The Art of Storytelling:
Documentary Photography


I love stories. I come from a family of storytellers. My dad turned 83 this year. And still it’s not surprising to go on some errand with him only to ‘lose’ him—and then find him sharing stories with a stranger. And so, looking back, it’s not that surprising that I chose a career in photojournalism—my…


Scanner Photography: An Alternative with a Large Format Look


One of the great things about the arrival of digital technology is that we are now able to use so many different capture devices in our photography. Everything from pocket-sized compact cameras to sophisticated DSLRs or super mega-pixel digital backs on large format cameras to say nothing of smart phones and digital tablets. Then there…


Capturing the Moment – 3 Styles of Camerawork: The Marksman


In the kind of photography that works on timelines, there are basically three different strategies for catching the moment. These are divided as much by personality as by task. I call them Fireman, Builder, and Marksman. Why personality and task? Because these three working methods each definitely appeal to different personalities, but at the same…

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