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So you want to win a mobile photo competition?


The MPAs and the IPPAs: the two leading mobile-only photography awards All photography competitions are businesses in some form or other. Some competitions make profits for their organisers, some are marketing vehicles for their sponsors, others are designed to build archives of photos for sale and some simply want your contact details so they can…

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Review of the 2014 Mobile Photography Awards (MPAs)


The Mobile Photography Awards (MPAs) finally announced their top prize on February 13th. This year, the leading competition in mobile photography kept its community waiting as the winning announcements were stretched over 2 weeks. So, were they worth waiting for? The MPA grand prize went to Seldon Serkin. Previous years’ winners of the top award…

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Would you buy this pizza? Why the Instagram power user system is phony


The story of how Instagram power users (i.e. users with more than 100,000 followers) can make money from Instagram is not a new one. But we usually get only half the story. This was the case last week when respected UK national newspaper The Guardian printed a piece about companies hiring Instagram users with large…


Stuck? Think Stock.


WHAT’S IN YOUR PORTFOLIO? EVALUATE AND DIVERSIFY. At the 2013 PDN PhotoPlus Expo I sat in on a remarkable seminar, “Today’s Changing Marketplace For your Photographs,” presented by Mary Virginia Swanson. The one-hour session was, for me, terribly short and it would have been divine to spend a weekend at a retreat to grab note…

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Right Brain Photography


My approach to photography stems from having majored in art for three years. During those three foundation-building years, I studied composition, color theory, and design. I had a chance to take a close look at the works of masters like Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Salvadar Dalí and others. I learned about the ways form,…

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The Mobile Photography Awards: A Snapshot of Mobile Photography


Awards season is upon us. The Oscars are just round the corner and the BAFTAs were last week. And in the mobile photography world too, we have our own Oscars and BAFTAs: The annual Mobile Photography Awards (MPAs) recently announced its winners, while the longer-running IPPAs reveals its gongs in a few weeks. So what…

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