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June Photo Contest Winners
Theme: Urban & Rural Photography

Thank you to author J. Dennis Thomas for acting as our guest judge for the June contest! The theme was “urban and rural photography,” sponsored by Dennis’ book, Urban and Rural Decay Photography: How to Capture the Beauty in the Blight .

First Place: “The Nutcracker” by Nathan Ortiz, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

What Dennis had to say:
The complementary pastel colors give it an interesting separation, but still ties it together. The composition falls into place really well, it’s well balanced, yet still maintains a feeling that something is off-kilter.

Second Place: “Waiting” by Mark Andrews, Bend, Oregon, USA

What Dennis had to say:
I love how a wide-angle lens is used, but the frame is filled with the subject. What really makes the composition work for me is the way the fence is used not only as leading lines which draw your eye to the different elements of the image, but also the way the fence is used to frame the farmhouse.

Third Place: “Turn Off the Hot Water” by Chuck Kerr, Orlando, Florida, USA

What Dennis had to say:
The soft lighting really makes this one interesting to me. Too often decay photography is very harsh and jagged, but the softness lends this image a melancholy tone. The way it’s composed with the corner in the middle creates a nice triangle that draws your eye into the center of the image to the sink. The brightness of the window panes separated by the line also leads the eye into the center of the image.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Don’t forget to enter July’s contest!  Theme: Black and White Photography

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