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May Photo Contest Winners
Theme: Objects

Thank you to author Shirley Reading for acting as our guest judge for the May contest!  The theme was “objects,” sponsored by Shirley’s book, Exhibiting Photography, 2nd Edition.

What Shirley had to say:
I liked all three of these because they take a fresh look at the most ordinary and everyday of things around us and remind us that you don’t have to travel to make an unusual and compelling image. I liked them because each used colour well and relied on a reduced colour palette which emphasised the colours in the images. I particularly liked the use of line and light in “Entangled;” the evocation of mood in “Empty” and the way an ordinary object becomes mysterious in “Trashed Drum Skin.” But there were lots of excellent images here and it was hard to choose!

First Place Choice: “Entangled” by Kishore Jothady, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Second Place Choice: “Empty” By John Raimond Gapasin , Kidapawan, Cotabato, Philippines

Third Place: “Trashed Drum Skin” By Jamie Kronick, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Enter the June photo contest by uploading your photo HERE.  The theme is Urban and Rural Decay.

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