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The Power of EDR (Extended Dynamic Range)


I came up with the term EDR (Extended Dynamic Range) image after trying to push the limits of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), which are comparable to the limits we find in Adobe’s Lightroom too. Pushing the limits means trying to see how much detail can be pulled out of the shadows, and how much the…

Figure 6.2 New Guide Dialog with values for the first guide

How to Create A Template in Photoshop


To create multiple images from a single file, you need to set up that single file. This file is called a template. It is a layered Photoshop file built generically. How you set up the file is important. Each layer can potentially be replaced with external data. So how you name and arrange those layers…

2.31 Using the new Organic Brush preset

How to Use the Brush Panel in Photoshop


The Brush panel displays all the controls for defining your own brush. As complexity goes, this one is similar to the Layer Styles dialog. There are a lot of option types, and each type has many option values that you can specify. The best way to learn the Brush values is to make a brush…

Figure 4.5 Completed Save for Web JPEG 100% action showing its action steps.

How to Create An Action in Photoshop


An action is a series of action steps created by commanding Photoshop to perform a task. Show or hide the action steps by clicking on the disclosure triangle next to the action’s name. If an action step has a disclosure triangle of its own, it contains parameters. These are the values of the options used…

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