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Halloween Montage

Steve Caplan’s Halloween Photomontage


Steve Caplin is a professional photoillustrator and the author of the “How to Cheat in Photoshop” series. He’s also become a bit of a RetouchPRO LIVE staple, known for his quick mind and seemingly boundless knowledge of Photoshop.   How To Cheat In Photoshop CC The art of creating realistic photomontages By Steve Caplin ©…


Making the Basilica


Originally posted to Harold Davis’ successful Photoblog2.0 — visit www.digitalfieldguide.com for more information! I’ve been asked a number of times about the process behind the making of my images of the Basilica Mission Dolores, shown below and in Looking for Light. This is a monochromatic style that I’ve developed intentionally that is based upon High…


Focal Press Launches New Books Featuring Photoshop CS6 Tips, Tutorials


http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20120423006156/en Focal Press Launches New Books Featuring Photoshop CS6 Tips, Tutorials Titles from authors like Martin Evening, Katrin Eismann will be available for pre-order this week WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Focal Press, a leading publisher of media technology books, today announced the availability of several new photography titles that include tutorials and how-tos to help photographers and…


Photoshop CS6 Public Beta: read all about it!


With the release of the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Public Beta, Focal authors have been chatting it up, and we’ll post those links here! Bestselling author of the Adobe Photoshop for Photographers books and Photoshop Hall of Famer Martin Evening and our resident awesome photomontage master and digital artist, author Steve Caplin (How to Cheat in…

E-Type Jaguar (Fig. 1)

Cool Shots for Hot Cars


Art doesn’t have to hang in a gallery. It can be seen everyday prowling the streets. It is through the innovative aesthetics of design that the car has evolved from an amorphous, utilitarian conveyance into a rolling, metallic sculpture. How does one frame the personality of such machines? And how does close-up photography have anything…

Figure 8: The final results. The glare spots are gone, and this will print out much more attractively than the original

The Fine Art of Digital Printing: How to Get Rid of Shiny Highlights on Faces


In my last column (read it here), I talked about an easy way to even out the color in skin tones. This time, I’ll tell you about an easy way to soften glare and highlight in faces using the  content-aware Spot Healing Brush in Adobe Photoshop CS5.  This is much improved over the Spot Healing…

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