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Taking Photos of Rock Stars and Other Animals


In a recent masteringphoto piece, I compared taking photos at a rock concert to mountaineering. Today I’m drawing a different comparison: I recently took some photos at London Zoo, and as I wandered amongst the animals, I started finding similarities to my more usual photography habitat of London’s concert halls. There may have been a…


Music Photography – Shooting the Big Stage


I recently wrote about the pros and cons of shooting from the hallowed photographers pit at gigs. Of course, the main benefit of shooting from the pit is to get close. But what do you do when you have a pass to the photo pit, but upon arrival, you find you’re still not very close?…

Music Photography – Thinking Outside the Pit


A while back I wrote about how to get a pass to take photos at a gig. That pass not only gives you permission to take photos, it will also allow you into the hallowed photo pit, if the venue has one, usually during the first three songs. But, like buying an expensive lens, getting…

Social media NME shot

Sell Your Gig Photos via Social Media


Music photography doesn’t pay. That’s the mantra you hear from a lot of photography professionals. And they’re right, but they’re missing the point. We do it because we love it not because we want to get rich. That said… there are bills to pay and getting paid is nice because it means someone really does…

Katy B at iTunes

All the gear: what kit should you take to the gig?


In this second in a series of articles about music photography, Richard Gray discusses what gear to consider for music photography. See here for the first post, where he explains how to get started in music photography by getting access. All the gear and no idea, as the phrase goes. The amount of gear I…

… or The Bed Rugs at The Sebright Arms, the principles are the same.

It’s a long way to the top if you want that AAA pass


In this first in a series of articles about music photography, Richard Gray explains how to get started in music photography by getting access. People want photos of stars. And you only get photos of stars if you have access. The Access All Areas (AAA) pass is the holy grail of many music photographers. But…

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