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Achieving Your Potential As A Photographer – Focus


The idea of focus, and focusing, means a number of different things depending upon the domain of discussion: Speaking informally in a general context, and not specifically in a photographic sense, to focus on something is to pay attention to it, presumably because it matter. Within photography, focus is one of the key technical and…


Learning to Focus Like a Camera


Our eyes and brains sample many different points of focus almost simultaneously and take in a wide view that includes information from our peripheral vision.  We combine all that information to create our vision, and our brains respond almost instantaneously.  They allow us to concentrate on what’s in front of us, putting everything we see…

zone of sharpness

Depth of Field and Circle of Confusion


The technical definition of depth of field , often referred to as DoF, is the distance range in a photograph in which all portions of the image are acceptably sharp. By focusing the lens on a certain point, everything in the image on the same horizontal plane is in focus as well. Everything in front…

Figure 1

Regarding Depth of Field and Focal Length


One thing that I often see on Internet forums is the statement that telephoto lenses have a much more shallow depth of field and wide-angle lenses have a deep depth of field. While this obviously appears to be true when taking a look at photographs taken using telephoto and wide-angle settings, speaking from a scientific…

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