DSLR proves adequate replacement for iPhone camera!


It was the first day of my visit and I was checking my Instagram and already planning some shots of one of the world’s most photogenic cities, when disaster struck. My iPhone was suddenly knocked out of my hand and — smash! The screen was shattered. I was in New York on a trip that…


Shooting Video with DSLRs— Some Tips for Photographers


Use the basic tools of photography When I tell my students that they should master photography before shooting video, they think I’m kidding.  But the tools of photography offers all the basic tools required to shoot good video: Composition Lighting Color balance ISO settings F-stops Focus Lenses Depth of field Not to mention the more…


The Moving Image is Here to Stay and this is Why


The moving image is the brash newcomer to the world of professional photography and I embraced it just a few months after it made its entrance. As I have previously stated I am not somebody who is obsessed by cameras or technology, but I cannot talk about the importance of the moving image without discussing…

Focus on Lightroom image 1.1

Soft Proofing in Lightroom


Lightroom allows you to marshal an image from import to export, which means you don’t need any other software to give most images everything they need.  Lightroom’s ability to work with different color spaces has grown impressively over the years, and users of the newest versions—Lightroom 4 and up—will get the most benefit from this…

rufus wainright

You’ve Got Five Minutes…


If you are a portrait photographer who works on a commissioned basis photographing celebrities or, as I often refer to them, ‘people you may have heard of’, the instruction that you have five minutes will not come as a surprise. In fact this has become the most-often repeated phrase at the start of a portrait…


Approaching Wildlife


FIND HABITUATED WILDLIFE Wildlife accustomed to humans being close to them are often referred to as “habituated wildlife.” They are commonly found where people tend to spend their time. Plenty of city and state parks host easily photographed squirrels, deer, Canada geese, robins, and other creatures. For example, during late winter, Santee Lakes near San…

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