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Using flash—Addressing Problems and Basic Workflow


Even though your flash is technically smarter than you, it has no idea how you want to light the scene. You need to give it some direction. Before blasting away, you need to ask yourself a few basic questions about how you want your photo to look. Here are the five main concerns that you…


Photographing Snowscapes – Exposure Issues
Part 2: Metering Solutions For Snow


EXPOSING FOR SNOW As we’ve seen, your camera’s meter is programmed to interpret each and every scene you aim it at in the same way, and when it comes to photographing very bright scenes—such as snow—it is quite likely to get the exposure consistently wrong. Fortunately, we can use the histogram to see what went…


Photographing Snowscapes – Exposure Issues
Part 1: Reading the Histogram


EXPOSURE ISSUES Snow is such an exciting aspect of photographing in winter. It is exciting because for many of us it’s something that happens relatively infrequently, making it naturally special when it does occur. Yet as exciting as snow is, it is incredibly challenging, and can play havoc with your in-camera exposure metering, no matter…


The exposure-focus separation issue
and other inferiority complexes in mobile photography


“You didn’t know you can separate focus and exposure points?”, a friend said to me with a touch of disdain in their voice a long time ago. “No, I didn’t.” I replied. And I thought for a moment. When would you want to take a photo where you focus on one thing but expose on…


Minimizing Noise at the Source


Noise is unwanted information. It is a by-product of electrical processes that receive or transmit signals. Noise can have several sources and is present in all images to some degree. It can be independent of the image and therefore relatively easy to separate and remove, or it can be integral to the image, which makes…

Photographing Lightning

When Lightning Strikes…


So how to expose for lightning? A bolt of lightning is, obviously, extremely bright, particularly if it is close and particularly compared to nighttime ambient light levels. So setting the correct exposure for the night sky or surroundings and waiting for a lightning strike will result in a very overexposed image, due to the relative…

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