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(c) Ctein "This is the full frame of a very sharp 12 megapixel digital photograph"

The Fine Art of Digital Printing: The Difference Between Smart Sharpening and Unsharp Masking


Photoshop has two filters that increase the sharpness of photographs. There is the well-known and confusingly-named Unsharp Masking filter that I talked about back in this post. Unsharp Masking works by increasing the contrast between neighboring pixels; where there is an edge, the dark side of the edge gets darker and the bright side of…


The Fine Art of Digital Printing: Don’t Reduce Noise Too Much


Noise-reduction is great medicine for grainy film scans and high-ISO digital photographs. In the bad old days of wet darkroom work, there was little we could do about grain and noise. Now we have software tools like Topaz Denoise, Noise Ninja, and Imagenomic Noiseware that can pretty much obliterate it from any photograph. Like most medicines,…

Figure 1: Here's how I frame my inkjet prints. I think the double matte and the silver frame give my work a nice "museum" look.

The Fine Art of Digital Printing: How to Display Inkjet Prints


Properly displayed, good inkjet prints can last a very long time. Seek out the better, more long-lived media.

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