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Using flash—Addressing Problems and Basic Workflow


Even though your flash is technically smarter than you, it has no idea how you want to light the scene. You need to give it some direction. Before blasting away, you need to ask yourself a few basic questions about how you want your photo to look. Here are the five main concerns that you…


Flash Sync Speed – Understanding it and Using it Effectively


The maximum flash sync speed of your particular camera is the one shutter speed that should be permanently fixed in your mind. Different cameras have different maximum sync speeds, and you’ll find yours in the manual. This speed is the maximum speed you can set while still getting full coverage with your flashgun. If you…


Advantages and Applications of Flash in Close Up Photography


Close-up photographers accused of flashing are generally found innocent when even the judge comes to appreciate the splendid quality of light, the ease of creative control, and the remarkable improvement in close-up images that the modern flash can offer. The court will generally advise those close-up photographers only to keep their flash batteries well charged,…


September Photo Contest Winners
Theme: Flash Photography


Thank you to author Lou Jones for acting as our guest judge for the September contest! The theme was “flash photography,” sponsored by Lou’s book, Speedlights & Speedlites: Creative Flash Photography at Lightspeed, Second Edition First Place: “Splashing Strawberry” by Roberto Roseano, Bergamo, Italy What Lou had to say: This is exactly what flash photography…


Why Speedlights?


With today’s advanced digital cameras and their hypersensitivity to light, it is a wonder we need any artificial light at all. But even the most dedicated purist will concede that there are situations that beg for supplemental lighting, like when nature can/should be enhanced for optimum clarity. The fundamental question is “Why Speedlights?” Photographers have…

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September Photo Contest:
Flash Photography


The brand new contest location for the Focal Press Monthly Photography Contest is now open! Enter your image here: Focal Press Monthly Photography Contest The theme for the September contest is “FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY” sponsored by Speedlights & Speedlites, 2nd Edition by Lou Jones, Bob Keenan and Steve Ostrowski. Acclaimed photographers Lou Jones, Bob Keenan and…

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