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New Year’s Resolution #1: Really Know the Tools of Your Trade


NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #1: REALLY KNOW THE TOOLS OF YOUR TRADE Oh, and by the way, you are your best tool! In January 1839, when photography was first introduced to the public, all that was required to be a photographer was the ability to follow directions and ownership of a camera and chemistry. Unlike paintings,…


Determining Resolution


DETERMINING RESOLUTION Pre-visualization and strategizing for desired results    During this time of resolutions and seeking clarity in our lives, I thought it’d be great to discuss the topic of resolution in regards to digital image files. Clarity on this often-misunderstood subject will allow us to strategize and effectively work toward our desired image results!…


Making the Basilica


Originally posted to Harold Davis’ successful Photoblog2.0 — visit www.digitalfieldguide.com for more information! I’ve been asked a number of times about the process behind the making of my images of the Basilica Mission Dolores, shown below and in Looking for Light. This is a monochromatic style that I’ve developed intentionally that is based upon High…


The Lens Series: Holga HL-C lenses


I’m sure most readers are familiar with the work of photographers using Holga cameras. The medium format Holga was originally designed and manufactured in China in the eighties as a mass-market camera for the Chinese. However, the rise in popularity of cheap 35mm cameras meant that the Holga wasn’t an initial success. Somewhat ingeniously, the…

Imacon Color Scanner

Landscape Photography: Expressions in Fog & Mist (Part III)


As pointed out in the first article about photographing in fog and mist [reference link] these atmospheric conditions are likely to form when moist air reaches its dew point. The type of fog that will form, however, is influenced and even controlled by topography. For example, deep valleys or mountain ridgelines will tend to produce…


Jason Lee: a unique take on photographing your children


When I first saw the portfolio of Jason Lee,I realized how truly effective it can be to shoot a tired, old,  been there and done that subject in a new and creative way. There are millions of parents out there with cameras taking photographs of their children. Literally, millions. You might be wondering what sets…

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