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Achieving Your Potential

Contest: An Easter Egg in Achieving Your Potential


An Easter Egg is a secret; for example, in software often it is a hidden pop-up window with an animation. In software, usually the Easter Egg is activated using a combination of keyboard and mouse actions. We’ve embedded an Easter Egg in one of the color photographs in my latest book, Achieving Your Potential: A Photographers Creative…


Achieving Your Potential As A Photographer – Focus


The idea of focus, and focusing, means a number of different things depending upon the domain of discussion: Speaking informally in a general context, and not specifically in a photographic sense, to focus on something is to pay attention to it, presumably because it matter. Within photography, focus is one of the key technical and…


Achieving Your Potential As A Photographer – Owning Your Creativity


We’ve all had the experience of photographing a subject that many other photographers have tackled. “Well, duh,” you say, many of us photograph flowers or landscapes or kids or beautiful women. In my workshops, sometimes a group of technically competent photographers will stand in more-or-less the same place, each with roughly comparable gear, and—however much…

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Achieving Your Potential As A Digital Photographer
Recorded Webinar with Harold Davis


Recently, Focal Press hosted the following webinar featuring Harold Davis where he discussed Achieving Your Potential As A Digital Photographer. Harold Davis is an internationally-known digital artist and award-winning professional photographer. He is the author of many photography books. In addition to his activity as a bestselling book author, Harold Davis is a Moab Master…


Finding Subjects that Work in Black and White Photography


Just because a black and white photo seems colorless, you shouldn’t think that color is irrelevant to a monochromatic photo. Choosing to present an image in black and white can call attention to the colors of the subject in a way that is all the more intense and powerful because it is implied and subtle….


November Photo Contest Winners
Theme: HDR Photography


Thank you to author Harold Davis for acting as our guest judge for the November contest! The theme was “HDR Photography” sponsored by Harold’s latest book, Monochromatic HDR Photography. General Comments from Harold: Judging this contest was difficult because there were so many high-quality entries. In addition, HDR is a set of techniques—and neither a…

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