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Black and White Adjustment Layers in Photoshop


Using Photoshop’s Black & White adjustment layers are an easy and effective way to achieve professional quality results with monochromatic conversions. In addition to sliders that allow you to tweak the mix of the Red, Blue, and Green channels that go into the black and white output, there are several additional color sliders (Yellow, Cyan,…

Harold Davis-Monochromatic HDR_FEAT

November Photo Contest: HDR Photography


The brand new contest location for the Focal Press Monthly Photography Contest is now open! Enter your image here: Focal Press Monthly Photography Contest This month we are exploring one of the latest trends in digital photography – HDR photography.   Two words that come to mind when describing HDR images are intensity and contrast….


The Wizard Behind the Curtain


When I was first starting out as a photographer, I dreamed of being able to capture imagery exactly as I visualized it—using film and the chemical darkroom. This wasn’t always possible, and I probably will not be unique in stating that I’ve often found photography frustrating when the result I came up with didn’t match…


Photographing Waterdrops: Waterdrops as Lens


Waterdrops reflect and refract the world around them, creating exciting globes of color. But waterdrops also magnify, behaving in this way like camera lenses. When I’m looking for a waterdrop subject, I’ll often get down low to the ground so I can peer at various angles right at the waterdrops. My idea is to look…


Photographing Flowers: Focus and Sharpness


Being “in focus” is only one aspect of whether a flower photo appears sharp. I’ll get to the other factors that lead to the appearance of sharpness in a moment, but first I’d like to step back for a second and ask whether sharpness is always a good thing. Logically speaking, there are three possibilities:…


Making the Basilica


Originally posted to Harold Davis’ successful Photoblog2.0 — visit www.digitalfieldguide.com for more information! I’ve been asked a number of times about the process behind the making of my images of the Basilica Mission Dolores, shown below and in Looking for Light. This is a monochromatic style that I’ve developed intentionally that is based upon High…

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