The Power of EDR (Extended Dynamic Range)


I came up with the term EDR (Extended Dynamic Range) image after trying to push the limits of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), which are comparable to the limits we find in Adobe’s Lightroom too. Pushing the limits means trying to see how much detail can be pulled out of the shadows, and how much the…

Never Too Old to Learn Newer Technology: The Benefits of Smartphone Cameras


Young people today tend to think of older folks like me as technologically feeble. “Can I help you swipe your card, sir?” Well, thanks for the offer, but I’m OK with technology. I confess, though, it took me a long time to switch from my comfortable old cell phone to a modern Android smartphone. I…


Making the Basilica


Originally posted to Harold Davis’ successful Photoblog2.0 — visit www.digitalfieldguide.com for more information! I’ve been asked a number of times about the process behind the making of my images of the Basilica Mission Dolores, shown below and in Looking for Light. This is a monochromatic style that I’ve developed intentionally that is based upon High…


Everyday HDR: Pro Insights with Blake Rudis


This post was originally posted to the Topaz Labs blog “Pro Insights” — thanks to our friends @topazlabs for the chance to post it here on MasteringPhoto! http://www.topazlabs.com/blog/pro-insights-with-blake-rudis/ Hello my name is Blake and I am addicted to HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography). Sometimes I feel like there should be an HDR Anonymous for people…


Corel Webinar with Ken McMahon on HDR Photography


Updated on 4/25/12 — here is the link to the webinar! http://youtu.be/w8ExxnEPtSM On Wednesday April 18th, I’ll be hosting a Corel Webinar on HDR – High Dynamic Range photography. As well as going through the steps involved with producing HDR images in Corel Paint Shop Pro X4, I’ll be talking about all aspects of HDR…

False color IR image taken on Pine Island, FL.

The Power of Infrared


The first time I viewed an infrared image, I felt as though I’d been transported to another planet. The unearthly colors, white foliage and dark skies were unlike anything I’d experienced in a photograph. I was immediately captivated by this unusual medium and wanted to explore it further. This was back in the early 1990s…

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