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B&H Real Exposures – An Interview with Jill Enfield


In this episode of  B&H Photo’s Real Exposures video podcast, David Brommer interviews photographer and Focal Press author Jill Enfield. Jill Enfield, one of the most experienced and respected hand-coloring artists in the United States, is a fine art, editorial, and commercial photographer. She has taught hand-coloring and non-silver techniques at Parsons The New School…


VIDEO: The Wet Plate Collodion Process and a Portable Darkroom


Frederick Scott Archer, an English sculptor, introduced the wet collodion process for making glass negatives in 1851. It was 20 times faster than previous methods and paper prints could be made from the glass plates, allowing for many copies to be made from one original. The drawback: the photographer had to sensitize the plate, expose…


Jill Enfield’s Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes – Lumen Prints


Lumen prints are made by taking sheets of unexposed black-and-white photo paper and placing objects or negatives on top as if you were going to make a photogram, but instead of using an enlarger you take the paper out into the sun. The results will vary due to exposure times, density of photogram or negative,…

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