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Using flash—Addressing Problems and Basic Workflow


Even though your flash is technically smarter than you, it has no idea how you want to light the scene. You need to give it some direction. Before blasting away, you need to ask yourself a few basic questions about how you want your photo to look. Here are the five main concerns that you…


January – February Photo Contest
Theme: Magical Light


To enter Focal Press’s January – February Photo Contest, please click here. Theme:  Magical Light Inspired by the book: Light Science and Magic Guest Judge – Steven Biver and Paul Fuqua Prizes: Grand Jury Winner: –          A copy of the book Light Science & Magic –          $200 worth of Focal Press books of your choice! Two…


Why Transmitted Light Photography?


This is the fifth and last in a series of posts about transmitted light photography. This is about lighting from a perspective that I believe most of us are unfamiliar with, and one that shows a subject from a previously unseen perspective: its interior. In this last post, let’s look at a simple question: Why…


Surreal Photography – Miniature #2


Below is an excerpt from Surreal Photography: Creating the Impossible by Daniela Bowker Miniature #2 By Vanessa Paxton The concept behind this image was simple: a miniature girl in a normal-sized world. I thought that it would be interesting to use photography to bring to life the story of Thumbelina with some images inspired by…

homemade flash grid

D-I-Y Light Blockers: Gobos, Barn Doors, Snoots and Grids


Learn what’s available. Try a homemade version first. Use it a lot? Then consider professional versions. Light blockers One way to control light during a photo shoot is to block it. Some things and some areas need to be kept dark. The most practical way to do this is with black paper and cardboard. Adjustable…


Gray Light – The Beauty of Restraint


Poor gray light. Few people seem to want it. It’s too ordinary, an all-too-predictable condition in mid-latitudes, often persisting day after day to the irritation of people who know that just above that low layer of shapeless cloud (low-level stratus is the culprit), a warm bright sun is shining. Not only does it give a…

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