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Capturing Light: Raking Light


RAKING LIGHT – Façades Light can be a collaboration between the sun and the surface, and the idea of raking light is when the source is sharp and pinpoint (like the sun on a clear day) and glancing across a surface that has some kind of delicate relief. When we come to bas-reliefs on below,…


Capturing Light: Magic Hour – Magic Colors


Magic Hour is a term from the movie industry, and it refers specifically to the short period after sunset and before nightfall. It’s a fascinating time of day for light and color, both of which seem fugitive, shifting and sliding at a rate that is fast enough to affect shooting (over several minutes), yet too…


The Art of Taking Portraits with Natural Light – Part 3: The Search for the Perfect Portrait Lens


There’s probably no such thing as a perfect portrait lens, but if such a thing existed, then for me it would be my 85mm prime lens. Here’s what mine looks like – I’ve used several photos taken with it to illustrate this article so that you can get a feel for the character of the…


The Art of Taking Portraits with Natural Light – Part 2: The Search for Beautiful Light


It’s surprising how many people (models included) think that sunlight is good light for taking portraits in. They’re wrong. Good portrait lighting is about quality of light, not quantity. The problem with direct sunlight is that it is too hard. There is too much contrast. It creates deep shadows on your model’s face. This type…


The Art of Taking Portraits with Natural Light – Part 1: Using Natural Light


You may have noticed the trend for taking portraits lit by portable flash, led by photographers like David Hobby and Joe McNally. The advantages of portable flash are well known – master its use and it’s like carrying the sun around in your camera bag. But it’s also worthwhile considering using natural light for your…

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Wedding photographer Kevin Kubota and the Lensbaby


The widely known wedding photographer Kevin Kubota speaks on his extensive use of the Lensbaby  Kevin Kubota     www.kevinkubota.com  I’ve been photographing weddings as the focus of my business for nearly 20 years. Over the years, there have been only a few milestones that have significantly changed the way I photograph or approach a scene….

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